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About us

Mercene Labs was founded in 2012 based on research results from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. New types of adhesive polymers were needed to scale up the assembly of biochips, which required precise control of curing kinetics, chemical and mechanical properties. This led to the development of a new family of engineering resins based on thiol-ene and thiol-epoxy chemistry. These have been further developed and productified towards two main markets;  microsystems/biochips and high performance industrial coatings.

Our extensive know-how and experience both from industry and research, and an active patent portfolio, makes us world-leader in thiol-epoxy chemistry. We work closely with some of the best academic institutions and industrial partners to make sure our products have the best performance and meet valuable unmet needs. 

The Management Team

Fredrik Carlborg

Chief Executive Officer

Tommy Haraldsson

Product Manager Coatings and CTO

Henrik Mikaelsson

Head of Production and Procurement

Jonas Hansson

Product Manager microstructuring resins

Nadim Morhell

Head deveoloper photoresists

Mercene Labs AB

Head Quarter and RnD facilities (Sweden)

Mercene Labs AB
Teknikringen 38
114 28 Stockholm

EU VAT: 556883735401