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Mercene Labs is an engineering firm developing products that solve important industrial adhesion problems using innovative new UV-assisted chemistries. Our background and links with both academia and industry give us the rare ability to transform cutting-edge research findings into simple, industrially applicable and valuable solutions. Our products include industrial UV-primers for the next generation of laminate flooring and furniture designs, and photo-curable resins for industrializing the assembly of biochips and polymer based MEMS.

Product areas

Industrial Surface Primers

We develop new UV-assisted primers technologies to enable and improve adhesion of industrial coatings on traditionally difficult substrates such as laminate panels. Using new patented technology adopted to our customers’ challenges we can deliver game changing performance with environmentally friendly formulations.


Photo-curable adhesive resins

We develop and sell Ostemer® resins, a family of polymers developed specifically for microfluidics and other micro and nano manufacturing applications. Ostemers can use many common prototyping and manufacturing methods, allow built-in dry bonding to most materials, and easy surface modifications, including metallization.

Lateral flow substrates

Traditionally, point-of-care diagnostic devices are built in nitrocellulose and other paper based materials with natural variations in materials properties. Our polymer-based substrates allow precise control and high repeatability of pore sizes, surfaces properties, and capillary flow, making them suitable highly demanding diagnostic applications.