Green Adhesion Technology

for industrial coatings on polymers

Through our patented photochemical processes for activating plastic surfaces we have developed easy to use UV-based surface activators to ensures perfect adhesion of any UV acrylate coating systems to a wide range of traditionally difficult to coat polymer surfaces. Our solutions are compatible with existing coatings line equipment, sustainable for the environment, and because of the low application amounts, also cost efficient for the customer. Our surface activator technology is only available directly from us or through our through our partners in a full coating system.

Game changing technology

Excellent adhesion is fundamental for the performance of any coating. Contrary to traditional primers, our patented solutions are based on photochemical surface reactions on the substrate and enable covalent adhesion to a range of traditionally difficult to coat industrial polymer surfaces.

Better performance and design freedom

By providing covalent adhesion of the coating to the substrate and eliminating the need for a thick primer layer, coating systems can be built to be harder, but also be applied to new type of products increasing their design freedom.

Plug-and-play in production line

We put emphasis on ease of use and reliability and our solutions are compatible with UV-EB acrylate coatings, standard UV-lamps, roller and web- coating equipment.

Sustainable and economical

Our products are 1k, solvent- and isocyanate free and can be applied in very low g/m2. All of our products can also be obtained with renewable content. Ask for compatibility with Blaue Engel and Nordic Swan. 

We have solutions for….

Design flooring

A thin matte coating layer on a laminate significantly improves the looks and tactility while preserving the structured surface.

Design flooring

The next generation flooring laminate is destined to revolutionize laminate flooring, similar to when LVT revolutionized vinyl flooring. This revolution is enabled by Duoprime M1815, with its covalent binding between melamine surface and acrylate top coatings.

For the first time, perfect mimicking of wood parquet is possible using laminate floor panels and a thin coating of a UV-laquer chemically bonded to the melamine surface. Color contrast as in wetted wood and identical surface feel and gloss are guaranteed. Grooves and other surface structures are perfectly retained since only 12 microns in total lacquer thickness is applied, making it possible to produce super matte open structures replicating high end wood parquet flooring.

Technically, the surface is 50-100% better than wood parquet flooring in Hamberger Hobel and Pull-off tests, and better than melamine in terms of micro scratch and water resistance, making these floors a formidable competitor to LVT and designed wood parquet floors.

Furniture panels

Our surface activator ensures consistent covalent adhesion to any melamine surface improving the machining properties and wear resistance over time.  

Furniture panels

Panels are an excellent material, cost-efficient, robust and with high design flexibility. But there are situations when the surface needs to be tuned post press, eg. to modify gloss levels, achieve anti-fingerprinting properties, removing the gray haze of uncoated dark colored laminates, or adding desired tactile properties.

Furniture laminates are indeed coated already today, but mainly for vertical surfaces or low-wear applications. Our Duoprime M1814 ensures excellent wear resilience over time and water resistance irrespective of variations in melamine surface properties. This is true for any application, including high wear applications.

Duoprime M1814 covalent bonds to melamine enable the strong adhesion required for thick high gloss systems or very thin two-layer coatings for matte surfaces.

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