An adhesion technology company in the furniture and flooring industries

Founded 2012 as a spin-off from the Royal Institute of Technology, we have since the beginning developed innovative new industrial solutions for adhesion to melamine and thermoplastic substrates and foils. In 2020 our worldwide-patented photochemical adhesion technology PhotonClick® provides adhesion to coatings on products covering the area equivalent to large parts of central Stockholm area.

Supply and customer service

We manufacture our surface activator products and supply them to our customers directly or as a critical component in a full coating system supplied by one of our collaborating partners.

Mercene provides extensive support to its licensees to help improve production efficiency and develop new products.

Technical sales: +46 70-467 22 57

  • Manufacturing in Germany with capacity up to 600 tons yearly.
  • Direct sales of our surface activators and on-site technical support in Europe
  • Collaboration with coating suppliers for world-wide distribution and support of our surface activators as well as complete coating system solutions.


Mercene Labs AB is the development company and holding company for Mercene Coatings AB which distributes and sells our products.  The ownership is divided between an investment group led by the Salén Group, one of the larger investors in Sweden, and the founders.

  • CEO: Dr. Fredrik Carlborg 
  • CTO: Dr. Tommy Haraldsson

© 2021 Mercene Labs AB

For our photosensitive mico- and nano resins for MEMS and biochip applications please visit

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