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Industrial primers

The next generation flooring laminate

For the first time, perfect mimicking of wood parquet is possible using laminate floor panels and a thin coating of a UV-laquer chemically bonded to the melamine surface. Color contrast as in wetted wood and identical surface feel and gloss are guaranteed thanks to the use of modified wood UV-top coats as the final layer. Grooves and other surface structures are perfectly retained thanks to the very thin coating applied, making it possible to produce super matte open structures replicating high end wood parquet flooring.

The enabler for this leap in laminate flooring appeal is Duoprime M1814. The primer immediately converts inert melamine groups to very reactive acrylate groups using UV-assisted chemistry. The nanometer thick primer layer, which can be applied in standard roller coating equipment and is compatible with standard UV-lamps, allows a single layer of a very hard acrylate top coat to be chemically attached directly onto the stiff melamine surface.

Technically, the surface is 50-100% better than wood parquet flooring in Hamberger Hobel and Pull-off tests, and better than melamine in terms of micro scratch and water resistance, making these floors a formidable competitor to LVT and designed wood parquet floors.

  • 100% UV-primer
  • Instant chemical adhesion, low sensitivity to melamine quality
  • Very strong adhesion enables thin coatings 

Performance coated furniture laminate

Laminate panels are an excellent material, cost-efficient, robust and with high design flexibility. But there are situations when the surface is tuned post press; gloss levels, anti-fingerprinting properties, removing the gray haze of uncoated dark coloured laminates or adding tactile properties.  Mercene’s  water borne adhesion primers chemically bonds to the melamine and enable the strong adhesion required for thick high gloss systems or very thin two layer coatings for matte surfaces.

  • 100% UV or water borne UV available
  • Excellent adhesion, low sensitivity to melamine quality

Our UV primers

Duoprime M 1814 Coating of laminate flooring or furniture panels
Duoprime M 1906 (Waterborne) Coating of laminate furniture panels


The primers rely on a patented break through in UV surface chemistry research that we have adapted for the requirements of speed and robustness of industrial applications. Exposing the primer to UV light triggers a chemical reaction that binds the primer covalently to the melamine groups on the laminate surface. The subsequent coating layer is partly mixed to create a monolithic layer that mixes the top coats mechanical properties and the primers excellent adhesion. The reaction does not require heat and is 95% complete when the panels leave the UV-line, enabling instant in-line QC of the coating performance.

Complete flooring systems

Naturlamin – a thin and robust matte coating for laminates

Boosting the visual appeal of cost-efficient, laminate flooring, the Naturlamin system turns your everyday products into champions. Through Bona – a global supplier of floor coatings – we can offer a complete system for matte laminate coating, consisting of Mercene primer and special Bona top lacquers.