Domotex 2017 flooring fair in Hannover is where all key companies in the industry meet to exchange views, while customers are on the lookout for new trends.

Trends this year included more composite and renewable materials in laminate flooring products, something which often requires new technology to ensure adequate coating adhesion as traditional acrylate primers were developed exlusively for wood fibres.

Duoprime M from Mercene Labs, was developed with these problems in mind and ensure the excellent adhesion to most types of melamine (inlcuidng HPL), melamine/wood composites as well as to many plastics and metals. Duoprime’s unique ability for adhesion builds on creating chemical bonds and very low shrinkage. All Mercene primers are free of hazardous isocyanates or solvents which are sometimes used to increase adhesion strength. 

This year a pre-commercial composite laminate flooring product with Mercene Labs Duoprime M adhesion primer was showcased at Domotex in a first step to roll out coated melamine flooring products with excellent wear strength thanks to coating adhesion on par or beyond that on traditional coated wood laminate.

Henrik Mikaelsson, Head of Production at Mercene Labs stands beside a coated composite floor using Duoprime M surface primer for adhesion.

Mercene Labs is a Swedish start-up developing game-chaning industrial surface coatings for difficult substrates and micro structuring resins for the next generation polymer based microsystem components. Our customers and developing partners include large international flooring and plastic film companies, coating suppliers and research institutes world wide.

For more information about our products see for our surface primers and for our micro structuring resins.

Contact: Fredrik Carlborg, CEO

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