Mercene Labs has won the 2013 Ingemar Croon Award from KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s Greenhouse Labs. The price of 2 MSEK will help the company take its concepts into product prototypes.
The jury’s motivation to the first prize:

Through their research at KTH, the company’s founders have developed a new type of technology platform within the polymer-materials domain. The technology has commercially accessible foundations which – through the application of various unique combinations of different polymerisation processes – can create materials with qualities that can be put to good use in a wide range of areas. The Mercene Labs team has identified several applications for this technology – applications with massive potential worldwide – and has already established promising contacts with potential customers. Receiving the Ingemar Croon Award will make it easier for the company to ensure its own commercial breakthrough, and given the team’s expressed ambition of turning Mercene Labs into a successful growth company, the operation will also be able to contribute to Greenhouse Labs’ dynamic development environment.

Ingemar Croon Award: The Ingemar Croon Award was established in 2012 at KTH’s Greenhouse Labs incubator lab with a donation of SEK 10 million. The award is named after Ingemar Croon, former associate professor and industry professor at KTH. The winner of the annual Ingemar Croon Award receives SEK 2 million; this financial backing creates a unique opportunity for promising new companies to develop their business ideas at an early stage.

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