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Polymers for microsystems


For microsystems (MEMS) and microfluidics, we are providing unique polymer materials for rapidly building and assembling advanced micro plastic components with durability and scalability from small laboratory batches to larger commercial batches. The resins are adapted for delivering key features for microsystem assembly: direct dry bonding with excellent adhesion to most substrates, durable mechanical properties, chemical and biological inertness combined with rapid and uncomplicated manufacturing through casting or spinning. Our aim is to help you to rapidly build, powerful, reliable and better looking chips and devices.


Industrial coatings


For industrial coating applications we offer Duoprime(r) adhesion primers with excellent adhesion to many traditionally difficult surfaces such as melamine, metals and renewable composites, thanks to its unique two-stage curing mechanism of our technology which incorporates the best from rapid thiol-ene chemsitry and powerful industrial epoxies. Our concept helps you select your favourite acrylate coating and achieve any surface without the need to invest in new coatings machinery.