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For microsystems we are providing OSTEMER polymer materials for rapidly building and assembling advanced micro plastic components with durability and scalability from small laboratory batches to larger commercial batches. The resins are adapted for delivering key features for microsystem assembly: direct dry bonding with excellent adhesion to most substrates, durable mechanical properties,  chemical and biological inertness combined with rapid and uncomplicated manufacturing. Our aim is to help you to faster build, powerful, reliable and better looking chips.



OSTEMER resins

The OSTEMERs are two-component with an initial UV cure to geometrically mold or photo pattern the polymers and a second thermal cure that sets the final mechanical properties and uses unreacted epoxy groups to assemble the device to itself or any other material that standard epoxy glue bonds to. Except the unique glue less bonding the OSTEMER systems also feature excellent barrier properties, a native hydrophilic surface and excellent solvent resistance. There are OSTEMER resins available that have end-properties that are either stiff or flexible.  The low viscosity of the OSTEMER resins also make them suitable for injection-reaction molding for larger batches.


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