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Primers for industrial coatings


There is a reason why almost all products are coated. A coating adds design-freedom, custom surface finish, gloss and protection. Unfortunately, existing acrylate based coating systems do not adhere well to products based on for example melamine or certain plastics, which limits their appearance and commercial potential.  Duoprime® can change this. our  unique UV-curable solvent free primer renders difficult surfaces ready-to-coat™ with standard acrylic lacquer systems – and is compatible with existing coating lines.

Surface primer for difficult surfaces

Our liquid solvent free primer Duoprime® enable coating of surfaces which normally are impossible to coat and makes it possible to add a number of desirable properties to different materials including laminates and other melamine surfaces:

  • Chose any gloss using only one set of press plates
  • A deeper luster regardless of gloss grade
  • High gloss surfaces in a cost effective way
  • Barrier properties to protect from moisture
  • Glue recycled polyolefin plastics with excellent result


Duoprime ensures adhesion of the coating system on many types of substrates in high wear applications

Compatible with standard UV-coating line

The priming and coating process is compatible with standard UV-coating lines with the addition of a IR-oven. The placement of the IR-lamp can be first or last depending on the type of lacquer system that is being applied on top of Duoprime® process2

The system is verified to give very high performance with several suppliers of acrylate coatings (> 25 N in Hamberger, no delimitation in impact, and best score on cross-hatch tests).

High wear applications – floors and table tops

In particular for floors and tabletops, the high daily wear from shoes, sand, chairs, dropped or kids banging forks and knifes on the table, makes adhesion crucially important. This is where Duoprime® excels with excellent adhesion both to difficult to coat laminates and standard acrylate coatings.

Duoprime® primer is applied directly to the melamine resin-laminated particle board using standard roller coaters, where it acts as a primer for one or several further coats of lacquer to ultimately create the desired gloss level.

Thanks to its good adhesion on all tested melamine qualities, its flexibility, its compatibility with existing coating lines and its ready compatibility with standard acrylate based commercial UV lacquers, OSTECoat primer provides the ideal basis for the creation of highly customisable surface designs or cutting costs by setting gloss level with a surface coat instead of using expensive press plates.

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