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Our Services

Mercene Labs is a material innovations company providing custom material solutions in the areas of micro and nanomanufacturing, microfluidics and diagnostics. We can respond to specific requirements by tailoring our materials to meet your needs. We aid in prototyping, develop small series of products and assist our partners for scaling up production. We offer services for:


  • Custom resin formulations, e.g. adapt our bonding resins for specific applications
  • Prototyping and manufacturing small series of microstructured devices in our materials
  • Nano imprinting resins, including metallization and layer bonding
  • Lateral flow assay modifications
Example of device

How we work

We conduct services both in independent projects or in co-development projects, depending on the customer’s need. A typical project includes one or more of the following activities:

  • project definition based on in-depth discussion
  • design of devices, processes
  • material selection and/or formulation
  • prototyping
  • testing and optimization
  • scale-up and/or technology transfer
Discussion in the lab

Case: Mercene Labs integrates a fully-working pregnancy test in IKEA ad

We developed a very large pregnancy test integrated in a printed advertisement for IKEA. The project was done together with Stockholm based marketing agency Åkestam Holst, and the finished ad appeared in the Swedish women’s magazine Amelia. You can read more about the famous Pee-Ad in several international media, e.g.:

The result can be seen in this video. Read more about Mercene Labs here.

Contact Us

For inquireis about our services  you can also call us directly on +46 730560805. You can reach us during Swedish business hours (9 am -5:30 pm, Central European Time).