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Background and Overview

OSTEMERS a new generation engineering polymers

Polymer inventions are very rare, and truly new polymers emerge only once per decade. Two of the most well known game changing polymer invesntions are Bekelite, which changed the way consumer goods and electrical installations were manufactured over a century ago, and Nylon from 1935, which replaced silk and became an immense success for clothing, and later for other consumer goods.

OSTEMERS may be an invention of this magnitue. Like Bakelite and Nylon, the unique properties of OSTEMERS directly solve many challanges posed in society today. Immediately, OSTEMERS have great utility in high value added markets such as medical technology and electronic devices while simultaneously enabling modern composite materials to be used in high volume consumer products such as flooring and furinture.

Industrializing micro and nanosystems 

The OSTEMER resins were developed based on research in micro and nano technology, at the Royal Institute of Technology, where new types of adhesive polymers were needed to scale up the assembly of biochips, which required precise control of curing kinetics, chemical and mechanical properties. This led to the development of a new family of engineering resins combining the power of industrial epoxy with the control and speed of thiol-ene chemistry.  

Leading research and academic cooperation

As a world-leader in thiol-ene-epoxy chemsitry we have an extensive know-how and an active patent filing strategy. We are also working closely with some of the best academic institutions world-wide to evaluate our technology in novel applications and guarantee we have access to latest results and findings.  We also publish research to benefit the development of new applications, in particular in the micro technology and medical technology field.