PhotonClick: Excellence in UV adhesion

Our approach to creating adhesion is different: We focus only on the chemical groups at the surface and use smart photochemical methods to modify the surface for perfect adhesion to subsequent acrylate-based UV top- and base coats.

Our patented photochemically-based surface activation method: PhotonClick® is efficient and robust because of its chemical binding capability is little affected by variations of the surface energy, it is plug-and-play to use in standard UV coating lines, the formulations are resource efficient and the PhotonClick® technology can be adapted to many different to melamine and many types and thermoplastic surfaces.

Our solutions are often used to replace several custom-made adhesion primers with a single one, enabling cost-savings and more efficient production processes. But better adhesion and adhesion to normally difficult surfaces also gives design freedom and the possibility to realize new products that were not possible before, such as coated laminate panels mimicking open pore wood parquet flooring.

Adhesion to plastics – the future is now

We offer adhesion solutions to melamine and several thermoplastic surfaces (PP, PET, PMMA).  Our development team has a long experience both from the scientific frontiers in academia and from practical product development in the coatings industry and we can often offer advice on the build up of the complete coating system. 

  • Duoprime M product line for melamine surfaces
  • MCAP product line for thermoplastic foils

Innovation and IP

We are an innovation company continously developing new solutions and products to meet new industrial adhesion challenges.  IP is a key resource in our company and our IP portfolio includes several granted patents as well as pending applications for current and next generation solutions. The PhotonClick® technology is patented world-wide, and several patents are pending.  

Products using PhotonClick® technology are clearly marked regardless if they come directly from us or from one of our collaborating partners. We license the IP to use the technology to manufacturers of coated boards and foils in the furniture and flooring industry.

  • 2 licensees of the technology (as of 31 dec 2020)
  • 10+ granted patents and patent applications

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