Faster, easier and vastly more capable than PDMS, the OSTEmers™  from Mercene Labs allow you to design and build microsystems with unbeatable function and durability. Better yet, this does not come at the price of large and expensive equipment, just use the standard soft lithography molds and an inexpensive UV-lamp that you already have in the lab. With these basic tools, a facile surface modification process, the OSTEmer will let you rapidly and easily create microfluidic devices, with advanced functions such as hydrophobic stops, anti-fouling surfaces and capillary pumps. Your finished devices are easily low-temperature bonded to functionalized surfaces such as microarrays/CodeLink arrays or your own silicon or gold transducers, and in a fraction of a day, you are ready to put your ideas to the test.

The OSTEmer™ polymers, based on Mercene Lab’s OSTE Technology™ platform, are available in a variety of different blends for different applications.

Want to see it in action? This video shown rapid prototyping of microfluidic devices.



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